What Is Meatless Meat For Vegans - Vegan 101

By Hira Waheed

21 November 2022

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Plant-based meats are coming soon to a dinner table near you! But, not everyone knows what ingredients are used in the meatless patty!

If you attempted a veggie burger earlier and found it meh! Do not worry because a lot has changed with food scientists working to improve their tastes!

71 percent of Americans claim they have attempted a minimum of one plant-based option. People are going vegan due to many reasons such as:

  • Animal love
  • Better health with plant protein
  • Helps in reducing water consumption 

 Adapting To Meatless Demands

Hamburger King, Dunkin' Donuts, and Pizza Hut have jumped on the meatless bus. 

 McDonald's is testing a meatless burger called the McPlant created with Beyond Meat.

What is plant-based Meat Made Of?

Plant-based meats come from a range of non-animal active ingredients, depending on the brand. The common base components of plant-based meat consist of 

  • soy
  • peas
  • beans
  • mushrooms
  • mung beans
  • wheat gluten
  • coconut oil 

Meat free vegan sausages.jpgThe more recent, meatless products have more ingredients. They add oils to give them a juicy appearance and starch or cellulose too. Certain companies resorted to using beet juice to create a red feel to the patty

Is Meatless Meat Just For Vegetarians?

Nope, not at all. Meatless meat is loaded with protein. So anyone with a need for protein and trouble with a bad gut can also have it. You need to have a state of mind to try something new!

Plant-based meat producers have an advantage over meat producers. They shine as eco-friendly producers. Also, with the rise of diseases spreading via animals more people want to opt for a vegan diet.

While only 5 percent of Americans identify as vegetarians, 71 percent have tried replica meats.

Numerous vegetarians don't care for food that looks like meat. On one hand, meat shunners do not want to see a vegetarian piece look like meat. 

A case in point is meatless patties that are meat replicas! New converts to veganism are happier to adapt and fit in a world where meat is not an option!

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Is Plant-Based Meat Harmful?

Meatless meats are typically a much healthier option than beef because they tend to have less saturated fat and are cholesterol-free.

Also, loaded with plant extracts they are a great resource of vitamins, minerals, healthy protein, and fiber.

If meatless options can assist you to follow a plant-based diet plan, then why not? Remember ditching red meat can help you also with:

  • Reduce your chances of cancer
  • Reduced BMI
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better blood glucose
  • Stable cardiovascular health
  • Reduced obesity

However, many such meatless meat options have high sodium! This may be one factor one must keep in mind while checking labels.

Meatless Meat For Protein Lovers

Check the label if you need to eat more protein for your exercise and bodybuilding routines! Ensure to read protein grammage. You can also invest in plant protein powder to add to your smoothies and shakes while meatless meat made of lentils and beans will work well for your protein needs!

Is Meatless Meat Better For The Environment?

Researches show that plant-based healthy proteins generate substantially less greenhouse gas compared to their meat equivalents. It is because less water is used, less land, and less power. As a result, the total effect of going meatless shows a positive side for the environment.

The Future Of Meatless Meat

The future is bright for this industry! The products have panned out from simple patties to steaks! Brand-new fungi-based meats have long, branching fibers that imitate the structure of entire cuts, so you can slice or serve them much like a steak.

Redefine Meat, a food technology start-up, is making the first-ever group of hundred percent plant-based entire cuts utilizing AI technology and 3D printing.

Impact From The Meat Industry

This is another armageddon that consumers will watch. The meat giants are not quiet and they bring new research and stories to make people wonder what's inside plant-based meat!

If Not Plant Based Meat Or Meat Then What?

If you have doubts about this plant-based meat and are still not satisfied. Then there are always lentils, nuts, tofu, or mushrooms for you!

Grounded beans can make perfect protein sources such as falafel or hummus to increase your protein count.