What Is Emotional Cheating

By Muhammad Zeeshan

27 October 2022

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Origination and explanation of the phenomenon 

"Emotional cheating" is a form of secret, ongoing intimacy with someone who is not your main partner. One person makes a one-sided decision to develop a sexual relationship with another person who is not his or her main partner in a way that weakens or destroys the relationship. 

Many see this kind of communication as having a stimulating effect on it. While it can often be a powerful force for good or for bad, it can also happen without love or arousal. This type of cheating may seem “healthy” on the outside, but it can be difficult to say and deal with it. 

Role Of Social Media In Emotional Cheating

The advent of the Internet and the proliferation of social media channels around the world have opened up a number of channels available for different types of cheating that occur without any initial relationship. Many who develop this kind of intimacy defend it with words such as, “They are just real friends,” “But you have to turn to other people for support,” or “They listen to me when you are too busy. 

How Can You Know If You Are Facing Emotional Cheating?

Another way to “diagnose” is to have you or your partner engage in emotional cheating to view the impact. Does external communication strengthen or weaken your relationship with your partner? Does your closeness with another person — a coworker, a Facebook friend, a gym instructor, or a yoga teacher — support your intimacy with your partner or break it up?

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Examples And Symptoms Of Emotional Cheating.

Here are some common (and rare) symptoms of emotional cheating:

  1. Your partner is telling a stranger what he or she is not going to tell you.
  2. They become very angry after you have contacted a stranger.
  3. They have difficulty coping with moments of frustration, loneliness, or emotional turmoil in their relationship.
  4. They often / often turn to an outsider for comfort when you are not available.
  5. They seem to communicate with an outsider often after unresolved conflicts with you.
  6. They have been increasing the frequency of contact with an outsider.
  7. They give you a hint that they wish you were like an outsider.
  8. There is a giving of gifts between them and an outsider.
  9. They are trying to prevent you from seeing texts or emails on their phone, laptop, etc.
  10. They compare your emotional strength with the physical strength of an outsider.
  11. They seem very distant from you after contact with an outsider.
  12. They want very little sex.
  13. They want too much sex but appear different during sex with you.
  14. They act differently when talking about an outsider.
  15. They have stopped expressing their needs.
  16. They have stopped communicating with you on deep issues.
  17. Relationships with this third party act as "exits" in contact with you.
  18. They seem to have stopped dealing with problem-solving with you.
  19. They use inappropriate words of love with an outsider, such as "love you," "remember," "baby," "sweetheart," "honey," etc.
  20. They belittle, deny, or ridicule your complaints about the outsider.
  21. They start to react, judge you, or emotionally alienate you if you ask and build strong boundaries with the outsider.
  22. They tell you that you are very sensitive to their relationship with an outsider.

Final Words

Emotional cheating is a phenomenon that is increasing from time to time due to inappropriate relationships which are simultaneously becoming a root cause of several mental health disorders which in the end are creating a horrific tragic scenario. However, this phenomenon can be minimized through multiple techniques which will, later on, help others as well. Self-meditation is also a method that will help you towards relaxation and peace.