Best Hollywood Movies With Makeovers

By Hafsa Hafeez

5 November 2022

Hollywood makeovers.jpg

Fortunately, we all enjoy witnessing transforming stories because Hollywood loves them. In an age-old tale, the ugly duckling transforms into an attractive swan while typically grabbing the heartthrob in the process.

However, in 2021, it seems a little reductive. However, we may still appreciate a movie's style transformation, particularly if we're thinking about giving our own a makeover for the upcoming season.

Pretty woman makeover.jpg

Pretty Women

The indisputable queen of makeover scenes is Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward's (Richard Gere) classic shopping trip in Pretty Woman. Vivian tries to get some new clothes for the role of Edward's girlfriend after being hired by Edward, but the salespeople on Rodeo Drive reject her because of her appearance.

Due to her major error, Edward decides to intervene and spend "very offensive" sums of money to give her a quick fairytale makeover that includes pizza.


It may be argued that Tai's (Brittany Murphy) makeover in Clueless wasn't really necessary. Nevertheless, Tai's style coach Cher (Alicia Silverstone) appears to be just as illiterate as she is, making it amusing to observe her giddy excitement and enthusiasm for the endeavor.

Tai isn't the main focus of this makeover as much as Cher, who meets Tai at first to perform a good deed and make her "well-dressed and popular." At lunch, Dionne (Stacey Dash) adds, "Cher enjoys getting makeovers the most in life. In a world full of disorder, it provides her a feeling of control." 

Jaw Breaker

The popular girls decide to buy Fern's silence by figuratively offering her the role of the most popular girl Liz (Charlotte Ayanna) when shy, nerdy high school student Fern (Judy Greer) accidentally discovers them trying to cover up their involvement in Liz's death.

The ensuing makeover scene is one of the oddest in 90s sleepover movies, with images of chanting stylists transforming Fern superimposed over images of morticians preparing Liz's body for burial. Nothing positive can result from this.

Miss congeniality makeover.jpg

Miss Congeniality 

With FBI agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) grudgingly going undercover as a competitor in the Miss United States pageant, the entire concept of Miss Congeniality depends on a makeover. As a result, her makeover is conducted like a full-fledged military operation, complete with megaphone blasting orders, and various specialized units working together in an airplane hangar.

The Princess Diaries 

A royal makeover, with Clarisse hiring dramatic hairstylist Paolo (Larry Miller) to pluck Mia's brows, straighten her gorgeously curled hair, and mysteriously smash her glasses in half. Unfortunately, Mia's friends and classmates make her feel bad about her new look at first, believing that she is attempting to be someone she isn't by copying the popular females. Pain can be beautiful in a variety of ways.

Devil wears Prada makeover.jpg

The Devil Wears Prada

Similar to The Princess Diaries, Devil Wears Prada showcases an iconic transformation of Anne Hathaway. However, this wardrobe makeover is intended to get her ready for work and also includes an attitude makeover rather than getting her ready for a position in a monarchy.

200 Pounds Beauty 

The movie centers on ghost singer Hanna (Kim Ah-Joong), who makes the dramatic decision to have a makeover after overhearing her coworker and crush Sang-jun (Joo Jin-mo) describe her as ugly and claim that he is only using her. It isn't the healthiest justification for a makeover, and Hanna's inclusion of a significant weight loss in her cosmetic makeover does appear fatphobic.

Fortunately, the general theme of 200 Pounds Beauty is a little bit more upbeat, with Hanna ultimately realizing that forcing herself to change everything about herself and hide who she is simply drove the people she loves away.

There is a ton of other fantastic movie transformations to see as well. The 1930s setting of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day offers a makeover with a retro flair, but Legally Blonde's satisfying vengeance "makeover" is more of an inward than an exterior change. However, that doesn't lessen how gratifying it is.