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Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas – 7 Tips And Tricks


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What could feel better than organizing your bathroom storage perfectly, having a clutter-free space with not a damp towel or stray floss string in sight? Ah, it just makes you feel so zen.


If you have not felt that way in a while, do not worry; there are a tonne of clever bathroom storage solutions that can help you organize your space quickly and effectively.


To get rid of clutter and organize your bathroom for good, it might be as easy as buying some cabinets or putting in a few small storage solutions. It depends on your bathroom’s size and the materials you are using.


To be organized and make the most of your space, clean up with simple and practical bathroom storage ideas. Who knows, with all that extra space and free time, you might be able to fit in a few bubble baths.


So, look at our best advice and ideas from the pros to quickly transform your bathroom from boring to fabulous.


  • Use Different Shelving Units

The first bathroom storage solution we have is to create a clever towel ladder out of a side unit from an Ikea shelving unit.


To cover any unsightly screw holes or scuffs, attach jute webbing along its sides and rungs. This will also give it a tactile final change.


Why not twist it and paint it a complementary color? You can also make it stand out by painting it a cheery sunny yellow or fuchsia pink.


  • As a bathroom caddy, use a kitchen trolley.

The smallest of spaces can accommodate this tiny trolley, which is ideal for storing all of your bathroom supplies in one portable unit.


Use the top shelf for the products and the bottom shelf for towels to keep them close at hand.


Additionally, the trolley can be quickly and easily changed to match your color scheme with a can of spray paint.


  • Convert a spice rack into a toilet paper holder.

This clever toilet paper holder, which also provides space for a scented diffuser, is made from an Ikea spice rack, a few leather handles, cup hooks, and a length of dowel.


The spice rack can also be used as a shelf and towel rail by hanging it backward.


  • Install Wire Baskets

Utilize the back of the door to keep towels and toiletries close at hand and bathroom surfaces clutter-free. From tiny cup hooks, hang the baskets down the door in the center.


Or, if there isn’t much room, swap out the baskets for a wire notice board and hang flannels, dresses, brushes, and other items with S hooks.


  • As a washstand, use an old chest of drawers.

An understated look can be achieved by combining an upcycled vintage chest with a modern, sleek basin.


You can choose the height and size of the drawers below to best fit your space, and they will provide you with plenty of storage space.


Almost any console table or cabinet can be mounted with a sink as long as there is room below for the pipework.


  • Create In-Shower Storage Or Recessed Shelves.

A clever way to conceal unsightly pipework in a bathroom is to build a false wall, which can then be tiled over to blend in with the design.


Use a ledge or recess to store shampoo, soap, and body wash in the shower area, wet room, or around the bathtub.


  • Running A Shelf Above The Bathroom Door.

Try this lofty solution if you’ve managed to fit all the necessities into a small ensuite but lack space for bathroom storage.


Here’s a suggestion for a compact bathroom: Install a shelf bracket on either side of the door, then attach a slim shelf on top. This will be very useful for storing small items like odds and ends.


Since bathrooms typically have a small footprint, every square inch must be utilized effectively. 99% of your daily items should be stored off the counters and out of sight to reduce visual clutter.


Even functional bathrooms can have a spa-like atmosphere. Keep bottles and plants off the window ledges so that natural light can enter without being obstructed by clutter.