9 Best Tips To Get Your Pantry Organized

By Hafsa Hafeez

22 November 2022

Pantry Organzaition Ideas.jpg

 No matter how big yours is, it's safe to say you could probably need a little more room. The kitchen pantry is your secret weapon for keeping your counters at least relatively clutter-free. What if, however, you merely required some streamlined organizational and storage solutions rather than actual cupboard space?

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We're here to let you know that the latter is most likely the case, which is excellent news because it will keep your pantry (and your life) far more effective and organized. Not to add, your snacks will appear considerably more alluring, and you won't likely double up on spices ever again. Discover 9 creative pantry organization ideas that can come in handy.

Employ straw bins

Straw bins and baskets are popular in closets, offices, and playrooms all around the world, but they also belong in your pantry. Place canned goods in stacks according to kind (tomato sauces, vegetables, etc.) without opening the lids. Alternately, use them as a catch-all for items like tablecloths and napkins. A pantry designed by Alice Lane features slanted shelves that also provide deeper storage.

Make Drawers Out Of Shelves

Pull-out drawers make it possible to stock your pantry full of food without worrying that you'll lose your pasta sauce in a hard-to-reach rear corner. For more coherent storage, group like items together in your drawers. For even more flare in this closet pantry area, Emily Henderson painted the cabinets a rich green color.

Stack plastic storage bins

To make the most of every inch of a pantry, flat containers stack easily. You can keep grains, breadcrumbs, rice, and nuts in them. The unique containers in this incredibly tidy area slide out from the shelves for simple access.

Peg board idea for pantry.jpg

Put up a pegboard

Install a pegboard on a vacant wall in place of piling heavy pots and pans on top of one another (and taking up important shelf space). Your bulky goods are suddenly visible and accessible. A few hooks and shelves for various pantry and kitchen necessities can be placed.

Recycling Crates

All you need to dress up some bare shelves and conceal some unattractive necessities is a wood crate. Keep anything you don't use every day in there, such as reusable totes, because they are difficult to get and can be stored here.

Place drawer separators in

Invest in some drawer organizers to help keep your bottles, cans, and other pantry products upright so they don't spill out of their appropriate drawers. Flexible dividers, placed here by Heidi Piron Design and Cabinetry to prevent liquor bottles from banging against one another, are useful for everything in your pantry drawers.

Pull out pantry storage.jpeg

Pull-out cupboards

How do you access the items that invariably end up being moved to the back of the pantry? IKEA hackers suggest adding drawers, or you can optimize existing cabinets by taking off the sides and making them into drawers as Emily Henderson did in her well-organized kitchen.

Label each item

Use leak-proof containers and label them so you know precisely what goes where to keep organizing simple. Items can be stacked on top of one another without you having to worry about them toppling over and spilling the next time you reach for anything.

Floating Cabinet

If you want to hide your spices while still having easy access to them while cooking, cover a floating storage cabinet with a painted door. When it is shut, nobody would be able to tell that it is anything else than wall art. Your cabinet door can be easily covered with paint or wallpaper.