35 Social Norms To Help You In Daily Life

By Zubair Naseem

17 October 2022

35 Social Norms To Help You In Daily Life


The proper use of a fork is only one aspect of etiquette.


In general, people seek acceptance and a sense of community, and those who stray away from the norms risk facing rejection or even boycotts from the group.


This is how we maintain society’s functionality—by creating expectations. People tend to obey when they are aware of what is expected of them.


While some people try to stand out, the majority just wants to fit in so being kind would make it easier for them.


These guidelines can be learned without even enrolling in charm classes or binge-watching Down-ton Abbey! Here are 35 simple ways to spread kindness this year instead of salt:



  1. Offer Your Seat – To an elderly or a pregnant lady.
  2. Let Your Waiter Come To You – Do not yell to call for them.
  3. Make Sure To Tip – It’s a token of gratitude for their services.
  4. Say “Excuse me” – When you have to get by or when you bump into someone when in a rush.
  5. Smile! – You might make someone’s day.
  6. Hold The Door For The Person Behind You – Especially if they are carrying something.
  7. Step Aside To Answer Phone Calls – No one is interested in your phone call.
  8. Make Eye Contact & Pay Attention – especially while someone is talking to you.
  9. Cough Or Sneeze Into Your Elbow – Some things should not be shared, like flu!
  10. Be Punctual – Please stop making people wait for you.
  11. Ask Before Posting – Not everyone likes to be on social media.
  12. Shake Hands Firmly – Stand, make eye contact, and smile while you are it!
  13. Use Indicators Before Turning – It will prevent an accident.
  14. Wash Your Hands After Using The Washroom – Because that is just Ewww!
  15. Push Your Chair In When You Leave A Table – Do not let someone else do it for you.
  16. Ask Before Bringing A Guest – No matter how well you know the hosts.
  17. Wait Until Everyone Has Been Served To Start Eating – No matter how hungry you are.
  18. Avoid Manspreading – You will only receive eye rolls.
  19. Stay Home When You Are Sick – Especially after this post-covid era.
  20. Knock Before You Enter – Privacy should not be disrupted.
  21. Reach Out To Grieving People – Simply say you are sorry for their loss.
  22. Let People Get Off the Elevator First Before You Get On – Same goes for buses and trains.
  23. Silence Your Phone At The Movies – Do not chew the popcorn loudly, as well.
  24. Help Someone Who You See Struggling – Like an old woman crossing a road.
  25. Wipe Down The Exercise Machine After Using It – For fellow gym members.
  26. Don’t Floss In Public – That’s just gross.
  27. Skip Controversial Topics Social Gatherings – Or gossip at parties.
  28. When You Enter A Room, Greet Everyone – No one likes to be ignored.
  29. Return Calls If Someone Left You A Voicemail – It might be an emergency.
  30. Never Show Empty Handed As Guests – A bottle of wine for dinner is always appreciated.
  31. Be A Pleasant Guest House – Make your bed and do not be picky about what you eat.
  32. Learn To Say Sorry – Always be the bigger person!
  33. Take Your Shopping Cart Back To The Store – Do not leave it in the parking lot.
  34. Bring Food When Consoling Someone – Casseroles and soup are always good options.
  35. Remember Your Table Manners – No elbows on the table, napkin in your lap, etc.