Oreo's Winter Wonderland

By Andrea Cooper

24 November 2022

Oreo Kit.jpg

 A cold glass of milk with Oreos is a dream come true. You dunk them, scoop out the cream to lick or eat as a favorite sandwich biscuit. Oreos have been a part of our lives. Be it an Oreo shake, oreo chocolate, or a part of dessert. America loves Oreos. They make new desserts with it and enjoy sharing the joy with their digital followers as well.

There was an Oreo Café in New Jersey honoring their favorite brand. But the hunger to get love from people never ends. And to do that Oreo has now ventured into the Christmas festivity.

Oreo launched the Create-A-Treat Winter Wonderland Cookie Kit. A perfect way to stay indoors and play. The kit includes penguins hanging out in a park with trains and presents. That's not it, the partner website has many versions of this kit. There is a cookie train. The Create-A-Treat website reveals a mini village, an E-Z build cookie house, a cookie train, a build-your-own cookie house kit, and more. One word to the wise: make sure you have a bag of traditional Oreo cookie houses, cookie village, and many more.