Now Wear Sneakers That Look Like Edible Pastry

By Andrea Cooper

25 November 2022

Shoe Bakery.jpg

The deal is we all have seen cakes looking like bags, shoes, and bottles. Various shows are aired with exceptional baking skills of people and judges choosing which is the cake and what is the real product. However, there is a catch to it now.

A man who lived in Florida thought of why not do the reverse. Women love indulgent, yummy desserts, chocolates, and cupcakes so why not make them drool over their first love of shoes? And mix that love with desserts.

Snow cone flats.jpg

The baby of Shoe Bakery was born! Chris and his wife joined him later and have been taking orders all across the USA. The couple now not only make shoes but also bags.

For the love of food, they receive such orders daily and now for private, customized, and special events, they offer services as well. Now that is some serious sweet feet that we will be looking at!

Chocoal heel.jpg

They do customized sneakers, heels, flats also bags in any design that you want!