Nottingham Dad Helps Sourcing Discounted Food

By Andrea Cooper

25 November 2022

Emlyn Mousley - The man who saves money.jpg

A father of two has described why he started a group to help people find discounted items at food stores.

Emlyn Mousley, 45 a former builder and a father of two found his calling in helping people digitally. He made a group 'Markdown Addicts Nottingham'. The purpose of this social media group is for all members to share pictures of items on discounts anywhere in Nottingham.

"Everyone likes a good bargain, so why not share the knowledge?" he said.

He has saved a bit while shopping smartly like this. He shared his nuggets of wisdom, such as, "If it's just going out of date, and it's half-price, then buy it and bang it straight in the freezer."

"I've always been a bit of a wheeler-dealer."

"I think everyone likes a good bargain and if I can share details of heavily discounted items that will benefit others, that's great.

"My family isn't rolling in it, we've got kids, and bills and we don't have a massive food budget so if I can find something half-price, why not?" said Mr. Mousley.

He even scored a duck breast at £3 which might be available at £13 without discounts. That is a saving of £10. Now do the math if he saves this much on one item a total could be a good number monthly.

"Some people are on really low incomes and they may only have £5-10 to spend on food that week. If I can quickly share information about the location of a local supermarket shelf where they can feed their family on reduced items for a week, and stop that food from going to waste, that's hopefully a really good thing. It's important not to be greedy and take all the deals for yourself. The more people we encourage to use the group, the more people will benefit from it." said Emlyn.

This thought process can help people brave rising food costs and help England sustain well!