Mom Blythe Danner Fights Oral Cancer

By Andrea Cooper

23 November 2022

Blythe Danner.jpg

Danner, a famous name with awards to her credit and movies such as Meet the Parents and Will & Grace is fighting her battle with oral cancer. Her husband died because of same cancer in 2012.

The mother of Gwyneth and Jake was a big fighter while braving chemos and surgeries. Her daughter added, "My mother is genuinely one of the strongest people I know, I hope if I ever go through anything like that, I can be like her."

After two surgeries and years of exploring alternative treatments, Danner underwent a third surgery with Dr. Mark DeLacure in 2020, which succeeded in removing the cancerous tissue.

"She went through it with so much grace," Paltrow shared"I was amazed at how strong she was able to be."

 Danner is now working with Oral Cancer Foundation, to help increase oral and oropharyngeal cancer awareness.