Miley Turns 30 -From A Child Star To A Global Diva

By Andrea Cooper

24 November 2022

Miley Cyrus Turns 30.jpg

Miley turned 30 and has been a diva for Gen-Z and millennials alike. She was loved and disliked at the same time. In an attempt to shed her child-star persona, she went wild. Her on-stage twerks, the shocking marriage, and many such stints.

Here are five crazy facts you should know about her

Real Name

She was named Destiny Hope Cyrus. But her always grinning face got her the nickname of Smiley. She was later registered as Miley for the world!

Luck For Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus was eyeing the role of Lily. But the audition was so good that she ended up playing Hannah Montana.

Medical Condition

Miley was diagnosed with tachycardia. It is a condition in which your heart beats faster than normal even when you are doing nothing.

Plane Scare

In March 2022 Miley's crew was flying and the plane got struck by lightning. The experience was near-death-like.

Famous Godmother

This is the country diva Dolly Parton is her dad's friend. Both have a fun relationship and even Miley has been roped into co-hosting the next New Year’s Eve show with her godmother.