Little Caesars Is In The Pizza War Against Other Giants Using Tech

By Andrea Cooper

24 November 2022

Little Caesars.jpg

First Little Caesars became the official pizza sponsor of the National Football League. They are the 3rd largest pizza chain in America and now they have been eyeing the market very well.

 Jeremy Vitaro, their CDO has many developmental goals for the company. He believes that tough times can bring the best out of them, he was quoted, “The value model that we bring really differentiates the brand and resonates even more during times of high inflation. The customer is really starting to feel the economic crunch.”

They have decided to tap into the drive-thru model for extra sales. “We can be ready to meet the rush and the consumer demands more quickly, but how can we innovate and leverage technologies to make those more quickly? How do we continue to keep innovating from a production perspective?” Vitaro raised a valid question himself.

They have already given many shocks to Pap John's and Pizza Hut but there is more. They are milking benefits of the company’s Pizza Portal. Their 2017 business mode of temperature-controlled food locker for pickup orders.

“The Pizza Portal continues to be crucial to us in terms of percentage of sales. The customers receive a QR code, come into the stores, and are able to open the heated portal, so that has continued to pay dividends for us" Vitaro shared.

He is happy with how things are moving with their technological and tactical move in the American pizza industry.