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Krispy Kreme Rolls Out New Churro Doughnuts


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Do you love churros?

Do you love doughnuts?

But eating one and not the other is a sin? Eating both is a carb fest! That sounds sad, so Krispy Kreme just got an answer to your pains! Now you get churrdough collection! This year we also saw French the leading condiment company bringing a mustard flavored doughnut! Remember?


A Trailblazer In The doughnut World

The internet is divided about whether Dunkin Donuts is better or Krispy Kreme, but America loves both! With the fall season starting officially things are changing. More travel, more friends going out, and holiday feeling over. Krispy Kreme thought of going innovative with its new flavors for all.


The New Trio

Krispy Kreme churrdough

Krispy Kreme has rolled out three flavors

  • Cinnamon Sugar Churrdough 
  •  Cookies & Kreme Churrdough
  •  Dulce De Leche Churrdough

You can buy them individually or in a pack of three! Cinnamon lovers are in for a treat! Krispy Kreme is famous for their glazed

doughnuts and now with new combos kicking in, we can be sure that the people will try this new combination.


Krispy Kreme – Innovation

The record shows that Krispy has been churning out new flavors previously. Their innovation is their USP. While Dunkin does give a solid tough competition. Krispy paves its niche with a variety of new products. Be it lemon glazed versus lemon filled Cereal milk doughnuts versus doughnuts topped with cereal. They roll out versions to compete with their products. The ultimate benefit is for the consumer!