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Kris X Kylie Makeup collection


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America loves Kardashians. They are obsessed with Jenners and anything they touch becomes gold! But what do you do when there are two from the same family bringing out a crazy new item – what all women love! Makeup collection for the fall season.

The smashing Jenner x Kris makeup tutorial is also up on Instagram.

Fall Season Makeup Trends

The last quarter began and now everyone wants the latest fall collection of clothing or makeup. The perfect to bring make-up for people!

The two hotties appeared in black corsets, perfect pouts, and laden with jewels for the announcement of their new collaboration. The momager Kris is still hot and has the right oomph to partner with her young daughter and target makeup products for older women!

On the other hand, Kylie is a makeup mogul, whose makeup products and palettes are sold out in hours!

Kylie x Kris

Second Time Amazing

Kris has partnered with her daughter for the second time. And it is right for us to say that their packaging is cute and eye-catching making it a perfect festive season gift.
the gift box includes

The collection’s lip crayon set ( 2 shades peachy “classic Kris” and the pinky “don’t f*** with me”)
Lip serum
Undereye patches
Pressed powder palette
Blush and highlighter combo
The packaging has Kris’s sketch and a wonderful PR package look for all. Although Fenty by Rihanna is a great brand. There is ample room for all makeup creators to come and sell their loved products in the market!


For The Love of Martinis

The packaging is very cute and chic. The martini-shaped palette is a testament to the mother-daughter duo’s love for their martinis. Their makeup products have always been received well.