King Charles Bans Foie Gras at All Royal Residences

By Andrea Cooper

25 November 2022

King Charles Bans FoieGras.JPG

The 74-year-old monarch has been a supporter of various causes. One is support for sustainable farming. He has gone organic earlier and in an interview told a newspaper, "One of the reasons I went organic 40 years ago was because I felt there was an overuse of antibiotics, and I felt that if you overdo it, you end up with resistance. Anyway, that's happened. I was told I was a complete idiot for even suggesting going organic." 

Since 2008, then as Prince of Wales, Charles had banned chefs at his residences from serving foie gras.

However, with more power in his hand, he extended the rule to all royal residences. Peta shared that they sent, "a hamper of decadent faux gras made by renowned vegan chef Alexis Gauthier" to show their gratitude and appreciation for this move. "PETA encourages everyone to follow the king’s lead and leave foie gras off the menu this Christmas and beyond," Elisa Allen, PETA’s vice president of programs in the U.K., shared.

Furthermore, the confirmation came from the royal workers as well, "There are no plans for this policy to change," the letter from the master of the King's household read for record. was quoted as saying.

The UK has banned the production of foie gras. However, imported foie gras may be served openly. PETA is working strongly to get the import ban implemented to discourage this practice further.