Hershey's Expansion Good News For All Chocolate Lovers

By Hira Waheed

16 November 2022

Hershey's Expansion.jpg

You heard it right! Right, when there is an economic slowdown and people are whining there is one company coming ahead as the leader of shaking the crisis down!

The Hershey Co. has acquired a 250,000-square-foot chocolate facility on a 55-acre site. This place is close to Reese’s plant. This project is a move to give a cushion to their supply chain network. The new facility is forecasted to open in early 2024, while the construction is starting in 2022. 

Will Bonifant, vice president of, the US & Canada supply chain shared his views and said, “Our ability to grow – today and in the future – is rooted in how fast we can make and deliver our products. We’ve made significant investments over the past few years with new facilities and updates to existing sites to speed production and make more of the iconic brands consumers love.”


Hershey's Future Plans

There is no denying that when times get tough people resort to snacking. However, what prompted Hershey's to go bigger than before was

  • Meet increased demand
  • Soothe supply chain network
  • Meet snack-size SKU demand that has increased
  • Fulfill seasonal candy sales

Hershey needs new facilities to augment their production as well as meet the new demand raised by the country. As travel restrictions are lax, many people visit the country which adds to the demand for candies and chocolates. Summer 2023 will see a surge in tourists and this demand.

The expansion project will add 13 production lines and also upgrade 11 existing lines in other North American facilities.

Will further said that “We are committed to investing to meet the needs of our consumers in collaboration with our retail partners and suppliers."

The company has recorded a 5% compounded retail sales growth in seasonal candy sales along with a 15% compounded retail sales growth in snack size offerings. So, now binge on that chocolate more because your favorite ones are just getting more interesting for all!