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Heinz Ventures In Clothing Lines For A Cause


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Heinz is known for their condiments range. They have been in the market for 150 years and growing with each new product range. Be it burgers, salads, or starters! The use of Heinz ketchup with fried chicken is an ultimate combo!

However, now with Millennials and Gen-Z becoming conscious of their choice, Heinz played a master stroke to embed their brand as eco-friendly and conscious.


The Dreaded Ketchup Stain

The ketchup stain is synonymous with the mess, hunger, and food love. Heinz used this splat of a ketchup splash to their advantage. 

A partnership between Heinz and a preloved clothing brand has taken shape to make the ketchup stains cool! Taking the insight that stains make clothes useless Heinz partnered with thrift store brand ThredUp based in Oakland.

This collection will bring umpteenth benefits to both partners and the people such as:

  • All collaboration proceeds will go to Rise Against Hunger organization.
  • An inclusive brand for all genders and sizes
  • Encourage more reusability amongst people


Heinz clothing line

Heinz Vintage Drip Collection

This collection will have 157 pieces with the iconic ketchup stain to promote clothes that may have stains! The stains are created with Heinz ketchup and as summer is about to end their mantra is that summer barbeque casualties deserve a chance!

The collection will come in two phases on the website of the thrift store. People can enjoy being messy with the taste of Heinz.