E-Cigarettes And Vaping May Lead To Tooth Decay and Cavities

By Andrea Cooper

25 November 2022

Vaping and smoking increase oral diseases.jpg

Cigarettes were never cool and soon they were replaced by many other options. Be it shisha or e-cigarettes even vaping they all are bad for health. Many people are looking for ways to quit smoking. However, if you are one of them here is what you might read to feel bad and quit this bad habit as earliest as you can. Not only the aerosols in the vape are bad for health. But also a bad impression on your loved ones.

A small batch was studied in 2022 to find a pattern of e-cigarette use and symptomatic chronic lung disease. There was an improvement as vaping stopped.

Another research has found that damaged blood vessels are linked to e-cigarette use.

Vapers have microbes present in their mouths associated with periodontitis. Periodontitis is a severe gum infection that traditional cigarette smokers experience.

Study To Establish Relationship Between Vaping And Increased Cavity Risk

The sample size was studied for three years to find the correlation between the two factors.

The sample was divided into three age groups:

  • 16–25 years old
  • 26–40 years old
  • older 40 years old

13,098 participants were included in the study. Among them, 91 reported using e-cigarettes, and 13,007 were non-smokers.

The researchers calculated the participant’s cavity risk level using patient records software as low, moderate, or high.

The conclusion of this 3-year-long research was shared by Dr. Karina Irusa, who said, “This research found that on examining patient records, individuals who reported e-cigarette/vape use had a significantly higher risk of developing dental decay in comparison to those who did not use vapes/e-cigarettes,”