Best Tips To Rock A Fringe This Season

By Hafsa Hafeez

25 November 2022

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One haircut that is certain to generate conversation is one with bangs. And the path to the ideal bangs is a long, winding one, fraught with regret, disastrous do-it-yourself trims, and styling blunders.

You'll finally find a program that works for your hair type and texture after much trial and error. The bangs of your dreams, whether they be blunt bangs, curtain bangs, curly bangs, or any other style in between, can be achieved more quickly with the appropriate advice.

The Dove brand ambassador and famous hairstylist Mark Townsend helped us put up a comprehensive tutorial on the fundamental guidelines to follow while styling bangs. Additionally, since Townsend is the stylist that gives Dakota Johnson's flawlessly soft, choppy bangs, you may use his advice as a reference to improve the appearance of your bangs.

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Understanding Face Shape

Before showing your stylist any reference photographs for the sort of bangs you desire, it's crucial to understand your face shape. You'll not only have more reasonable expectations but you'll also get a more distinctive appearance.

According to Townsend, she instructs her clients to draw a circle or square and then shade in the necessary areas to transform the shape into an oval. You may get a broad notion of what kind of bangs will suit you by examining the shading, which depicts how the bangs will appear on your face.

"You shade out the upper two arches to make more of an oval if you have a very long face or a heart-shaped face," he explains. "If your face is square-shaped, bangs and face-framing layers should be used to frame the four corners. Since many people believe they have an improper facial shape, I always start there."

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Think About Your Lifestyle

Before obtaining bangs, consider whether you have the time to style them every day. It will only take you 15 to 20 minutes to blow dry your curly hair every morning to achieve the curtain bang effect, according to Townsend. Take a cue from Jeniffer Lopez she is fifty, a mother, and an entrepreneur, and Jlo's hair secrets are top-notch in the industry.

Dry-Cut Your Bangs

Did your stylist cut your bangs dry if you've never been entirely satisfied with how they look when you leave the salon? which approach Townsend wholeheartedly endorses.

He continues, "Wet hair stretches much more than when it's dry. "If you have any cowlicks, you don't have any room to move when it's wet, and they can look uneven when it's dry." Before cutting his bangs, he prefers to blow-dry them in the style he wants.

Regularly Trim Your Bangs

Bangs indeed appear to grow more quickly than the rest of your hair. When it comes to your forehead, hair grows, on average, a quarter of an inch per month, according to Townsend.

For this reason, frequent bang trims are essential. Fortunately, many salons provide free trims in between haircuts. You may need to get your bangs cut every two to three weeks, depending on their style and the type of hair you have. What is the simplest approach to maintaining your trims? Before you leave the salon, schedule your next appointment.

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Correct Dry Technique Is Vital

Generalizing a styling method is challenging because bangs are worn with all hair kinds and textures. Townsend advises blow-drying bangs starting with completely wet hair in the direction you want them to go as a general rule when doing so.

According to Townsend, "I hold the blow dryer exactly above the bangs and blow dry them forward and straight down." "I next use a round brush to open out the ends a little bit." Another way to prevent bangs from becoming flat when drying them is to stroke them with a paddle brush from left to right like a windshield wiper. The Wooden Paddle Brush by Harry Josh is a favorite of Townsend's.

Townsend advises blow-drying your bangs with a diffuser to set your curl or wave pattern if you have curly hair.

Shampoo Just Your Bangs 

It's important to have texture on the second or third day for styles like waves, braids, and ponytails to hold, but your bangs might not last that long before needing to be washed. If so, just give your bangs a simple shampoo.

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