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It is our great pleasure to share that our love for food has taken a concrete shape as www.spicejin.com.Spicejin is a platform for people who are all about food. We aim to unite those who are driven by the aromas and flavors of different cuisines. So you could be looking for innovative, new recipes or finding food reviews of a new joint in another city. We help you navigate through an array of restaurants and food options based on your choice of cuisine.Our feat is madness for flavors, spices, and food. As a result, our endeavor goes beyond food recipes and food places to check out. We innovate with food tips, spice tricks, and hacks to give you prized ideas for your cooking.This way, we engage with everyone because we cater to everyone! A debut cook finding recipes, a seasoned epicurean looking for food options or writing reviews, or someone looking for great food hacks and tips for their knowledge. Spicejin will bring that daily dose of spice into your life!Bon app├ętit